Friday, February 15, 2008

Three movies

The best three movies I have seen this year are Atonement, Their Will Be Blood, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. In all three movies the amazing for me in their own way, Atonement and the Diving Bell and the Butterfly for its Cinematography and editing Their Will Be Blood for its Score or sound.
Atonement is a more classic movie and with a twist, its cinematography by Seamus McGreevy and its Editing by Paul Tothill. Atonement really pushes the camera at times in almost an experimental way giving the audience and experience with the characters emotional state.
The Diving Bell and The Butteryfly is about Chief editor of Elle magazine going paralyze only able to move one eye, Now with that said the cinematography in this movie as well is amazing. Janusz Kaminski , the directory of cinematography really puts you in the position of the main Character, Kaminski uses the camera as the only functional part of the body which is his eye.
Their Will Be Blood Score is amazing and my personal favorite movie of the year. I love the story and acting but most of all I love the score. The Score itself is more like sound rather than using symphonic tones the score uses a series of different objects like clocks and other objects. In the opening scene you can almost feel the heat just because of the sound if heat had sound that would be it.

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