Thursday, October 22, 2009

Koons + Warhall = Franco Mondini-Ruiz

Meeting Franco Mondine Ruize is like hitting a brick wall. He comes at you with full force with no apologies. when you enter his house you are bombarded with objects, plants, cats, birds, and everything else under the sun. You are completely transported to a different land, I like to call it Franco land think Willi Wonka an the chocolate factory "watch your step". the house is a work of art itself. The house was given to him by his mother and he transformed it into a work of art.

When I goth their Franco was very gracious its like the calm before the storm or similar to waiting for a ride at amusement park. First Franco introduced himself and talked about his history, nothing was off limits by the way and it was all offered. Franco talked about how he was a in law and moved to art after not being satisfied with his job kind of Jeff Koonisk but the difference is that Franco has a passion in himself and his work.

Franco runs his land like a business. he has a few assistance that are artist themselves "Brison and Holly". Franco was a great insight into how to properly mange your art career. He gave us a few pointer suggesting that your time is worth money.

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